What's new?

Version 17.1


  • Added app guestlist activity to the heartbeat on the website
  • Improved the guestlist permissions for the app. We were a bit too strict there
  • Improved password reset page, to comply with App Store rules
  • Fixed some API notices
  • Fixed an issue, where an empty event field with an attachment, would show "false", instead of just being empty
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a follow up mail to be sent
  • Fixed an issue where deleted events could showed up in multicopy interface
  • Fixed an issue where multicopy prevented the event's modified date to be updated
  • Fixed an issue with our band installer

Version 17


  • Improved the API for our upcoming iOS App
  • Fixed our band deleter for the new server environment
  • Fixed some notices we got due to the PHP 7 upgrade
  • Fixed an issue that prevented support mails to be sent
  • Fixed an issue that prevented .txt attachments to be shown

Version 16


  • Upgraded server environment
  • Upgraded the system core & modules to latest version
  • Upgraded the system to PHP 7
  • Improved the API for our upcoming iOS App
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect field sorting in the event mail

Version 15


  • Added the possibility to copy multiple fields at once to multiple new or existing events
  • Added Google Tag Manager for better monitoring of the tool
  • Improved the API for our upcoming iOS App
  • Fixed an issue with the customizing of the event mail.

Version 14


  • Added the possibility to customize the event mail. You can now choose which fields you want to include and in what order
  • Added "last mailed" info to the event page
  • Improved recipe for our cookies, now remembering forever what filters you set on the calendar pages
  • Improved the API for our upcoming iOS App
  • Improved responsive design for our login, register and password recovery pages. Preparing them for the app
  • Fixed some issues with the new layout
  • Fixed an issue with the member category order on the mail event page

Version 13


  • Added API to support our upcoming iOS App
  • Added "Show free days" option to the calendar
  • Added buttons to add markings/events on a specific day, directly from the calendar
  • Added filter and search functionality to the members page
  • Improved overall layout
  • Added specific styling for birthdays, band & personal markings
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the guestlist from being displayed correctly on smaller screens

Version 1.2.9


  • Added support for negative expenses in settlement module
  • Improved layout of percentages in settlement module
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the correct payment methods to be loaded for a user's country
  • Fixed an issue with deprecated time zones in the latest PHP version
  • Fixed an issue that prevented empty custom fields to be saved on the event page
  • Fixed an issue with the member page layout on smaller screens
  • Fixed an issue with the redirect after editing a venue
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a user to delete an attachment or photo from a venue
  • Fixed a bug that prevented attachments and photos to be loaded correctly on the venue edit form

Version 1.2.8


  • Added drag and drop support for touch devices to setlist, event print and settings pages
  • Added a print to pdf option on the settlement details page
  • Improved layout of manage setlist page on smaller screens
  • Improved help function only starts automatically the first time a user logs in
  • Slightly improved upgrade process
  • Upgraded server, PHP and mysql environment
  • Updated some deprecated database functions
  • Synchronised session and cookie expiration date
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from logging in under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with band installation when referrer was not set correctly
  • Fixed an issue with a location address: province is now optional for Italy
  • Fixed an issue with invalid promoter links
  • Fixed a bug that caused some member fields not to be shown correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to enter a very high guest size limit

Version 1.2.7


  • Added an option to include timezone info in iCal feeds
  • Added support for both http and https protocol for iCal feeds to prevent issues with Google calendar
  • Improved performance for iCal feeds
  • Improved cache handling for locations and iCal feeds
  • Improved mail headers should minimise spam rejection by some mail providers
  • Fixed an issue where a guest could in rare circumstances be deleted after closing the guest list
  • Fixed an issue when using an incorrect link to download a file
  • Fixed an issue with internal band registration emails
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the copy from functionality to work for custom fields
  • Fixed a bug preventing to add an attachment to a new venue for an existing location

Version 1.2.6


  • Added welcome and tutorial mails for newly installed bands (#11769)
  • Added new help functionality to some key pages
  • Added SSL encryption to make tourmanagement.com even safer (#11762)
  • Improved registration process. Makes creating a new band easier and faster (#11752)
  • Improved layout for the band creation form (#11756)
  • Improved iCal feed now give you the possibility to add every entry of the timesheet separately to your calendar (#11766)
  • Improved RSVP functionality: send to all members and resend already confirmed rsvp requests (#11765)
  • Improved system updater to make future updates faster
  • Improved subscription form now prefills info from previous subscription (#11635)
  • Improved subscription form now contains a cancel button (#11663)
  • Improved flow now redirects to the subscription confirmation page when a payment process is cancelled or has failed (#11663)
  • Improved setlist search page now shows all setlists when no filters are set (#11623)
  • Improved rider form now allows for more file types (#11744)
  • Improved password reset form now allows non activated users to request a new password (#11664)
  • Improved edit event page now shows event header like other edit pages (#11789)
  • Improved backend monitoring (#11779)
  • Fixed an issue where the name of a user was not shown with a personal marking on the band dashboard page (#11757)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented form errors to be shown in the correct order (#11788)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an attachment upload to fail when submitted twice
  • Fixed an issue with the event mail when an rsvp status was changed while the form was already open (#11623)
  • Fixed an issue with the location link in event mails (#11759)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the expiration date to be updated when a new subscription was activated. (#11361)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause band marking settings not to be stored when exporting to excel (#11780)
  • Fixed a bug in the band installer that could occasionally prevent a band from being installed automatically
  • Fixed a bug that prevented setting a custom number of maximum trial events
  • Fixed a number of copy mistakes (#11780)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a band name to be empty (#11754)
  • Several minor layout improvements
  • Several small bug fixes, improvements and code cleanups (#11700, #11702, #11707, #11713, #11790)
  • Various improvements to our backend monitoring system
  • Upgraded the system core to version 7.34

Version 1.2.5


  • Added new band metrics to our backend reporting system (#11750)
  • Added general favicon
  • Improved layout for group filters on crew planning page
  • Fixed an issue that caused some javascript errors

Version 1.2.4


  • Improved attachment functionality makes it possible to upload multiple files at once (#11727)
  • Links to attachments are now added to event mails (#11727)
  • Improved navigation after submitting a form on the event page (#11432)
  • Improved file names now contain band name for all documents generated from within Tourmanagement.com (#11741)
  • Fixed a notice which was shown by the ajax event navigation in rare situations (#11689)
  • Fixed an issue that caused RSVP request not to disappear when an event was deleted (#11743)
  • Fixed an issue with event mails when a member uses an email address as name (#11328)
  • Fixed some CSS layout regressions

Version 1.2.3


  • Added the possibility to export settlements to Excel (#11721)
  • Added the possibility to add attachments to all event fields (#11718)
  • Improved flow when adding a new settlement (#11715)
  • Improved opening of attachments, now in a new browser tab (#11716)
  • Fixed an issue with sorting of members in the mark a day form (#11714)
  • Fixed an issue with autocomplete in Safari, causing a user's last name to be replaced with his email (#11710)
  • Upgraded the system core to version 7.31

Version 1.2.2


  • Added attachments to all settlement fields
  • Added the possibility to add custom fields to settlements
  • Added icons to settlement edit forms (#11701)
  • Improved timezone selector by city for events and regional settings (#11363)
  • Improved handling of deleted events (#11550)
  • Improved styling of edit profile form, public and promoter links (#11651, #11658)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the band's members to be shown in random order
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when adding a guest to an event
  • Fixed an issue with location sorting and layout of the search page (#11694)
  • Fixed an issue with a user's iCal feed when a user only selects events without type
  • Fixed an issue which always included band markings in a user's iCal feed
  • Fixed an issue with event filters when switching between past and future events (#11678)
  • Fixed an issue with the crew planning filter which was not resetting after 1 hour (#11691)
  • Fixed an issue with the band switcher on your account page not correctly showing all bands (#11695)
  • Fixed an issue that still showed a deleted member's birthday on the band dashboard page (#11683)
  • Several small bug fixes, improvements and code cleanups

Version 1.2.1


  • Added functionality to print a tour book
  • Added event filters to calendar and crew planning pages (#11609, #11610)
  • Added a band switcher to a user's main account page (#11626)
  • Improved RSVP functionality allows to resend rsvp after it has been rejected (#11611)
  • Improved event printing now remembers settings per event (#11612)
  • Improved event search on calendar and crew planning pages (#11607)
  • Improved quick navigation for events in sidebar
  • Improved time sheet is now by default shown in list view (#11615)
  • Improved performance for calendar and crew pages
  • Improved performance for calendar export to iCal and Excel
  • Fixed an issue that wrongly set a band's subscription status to expired (#11620)
  • Fixed a bug that caused 'manage setlist' to appear incorrectly on the setlist overview page (#11661)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a user to cancel adding a new event (#11640)
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when parsing a VAT number with special characters (#11634)

Version 1.2


  • Introducing our brand new settlements functionality for events (#11308)
  • Added B+E to the driver's licenses (#11568)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a mismatch to a user's passwords when adding him to a new band
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate user's email addresses under certain circumstances (#11493)
  • Fixed a bug that displayed a remark to a venue's sound equipment to be shown incorrectly (#11473)
  • Removed location map dependency on external open layers servers (#11450)
  • Improved location marker on maps (#11450)
  • Upgraded system core to version 7.26

Version 1.1.3


  • Fixed an issue that prevented users with Internet Explorer 8 to enter their phone number
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the timesheet entries to appear in the wrong order (#11388)
  • Fixed an issue that appeared when copying the crew to another event after removing a member (#11387)

Version 1.1.2


  • Emails sent from within the tool (event mail, rsvp requests, member invitations) now have the sender's email address in the reply-to field, allowing replies to arrive directly in the sender's mailbox (#11344)
  • The next birthday is now shown for all active, invited, approved members (#11352)
  • Added homescreen icons for Apple touch devices (#11346)
  • Added phone number to the user registration form (#11348)
  • Updated country database, mandatory address fields now correctly reflect each country's address requirements (#11342)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause birthdays to show up twice in the event calendar (#11345)
  • Fixed an issue preventing automatic membership approval for some members (#11358)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a member's custom profile picture to disappear when the member activated his account (#11340)
  • Fixed an issue which could cause errors when manually editing an event's URL (#11360)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a warning message to be shown when changing a member's email address (#11362)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when starting or ending someone's email address with a space (#11359)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an illegal time format warning when editing an event's timesheet with regional preferences set to AM/PM (#11315)
  • Fixed a bug preventing ampersands in a band's name from showing up after installing the band (#11343)
  • Corrected the label for a member's place of birth on his profile page (#11356)
  • Improved subscription reporting in our backend system (#11347)
  • Fixed a bug in our venue backend system (#11354)
  • Fixed a bug causing problems with invoice numbering (#11349)

Version 1.1.1


  • New invite a friend functionality (#11329)
  • Added social security forms to member profile (#11316)
  • Added a visa number to the visa form on a member's profile (#11322)
  • Customized setlist printing (#11304)
  • Added setlist to event mail, iCal feed and Excel export (#11285, #11286, #11302)
  • Fixed a bug preventing you to delete a song from a setlist after copying it from another event (#11310)
  • Fixed a bug that caused special characters to print incorrectly on setlists (#11309)
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when deleting an event attachment (#11260)
  • Fixed an issue that caused dates to show incorrectly for some South-American countries that changed daylight savings time dates (#11325)
  • Added member's birthdays to the event calendar (#11313)
  • Improved member activation procedure for invited members (#11289)
  • Improved reset password procedure (#11290)
  • Improved image quality for pictures and logos (#11274)
  • Improved logging system in the backend (#11300)
  • Several small copy and layout improvements
  • Some minor performance improvements on background maintenance tasks (#11320)

Version 1.1


  • Introducing our brand new setlist functionality: organise your band's songs and setlists (#11255)
  • Improved user invitation emails, making the registration and approval process easier (#11246, #11247, #11246)
  • Improved input of multiple day marking (#11251)
  • Improved input for the event date (#11250)
  • Small layout improvements to timesheet print
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error when creating a band, when band url started or ended with a hyphen (#11262)
  • Added location details and navigation to public and promoter url's (#11253, 11254)

Version 1.0.16


  • Added new functionality: groups, allowing you to add your travel parties to your band (#11228)
  • Clearer member page layout (#11229)
  • Clearer layout for crew update page (#11230)
  • Easier to register your first band (#11225)
  • Added location name to iCal address field and linked location to your maps application (#11226)
  • Better backend reporting (#11175)
  • Changed invoice numbering to better match accounting structure (#11243)
  • We gave the calendar and crew pages a serious performance boost, which should dramatically improve speed
  • Added WYSIWYG field to the event description field (#11210)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when maximum number of guests is lowered during input (#11216)
  • Fixed an issue that showed function hoover on print page (#11220)
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent location details from showing up on public links (#11240)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a subscription payment to fail (#11244)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause issues with iCal with special characters in user name (#11187)

Version 1.0.15


  • Member functions are now shown when hoovering a member's name on event details, crew linking, mail event view (#11220)
  • We added the possibility to revoke RSVP requests (#11239)
  • When changing an event's date or time, the system will offer you the option to resend your RSVP requests (#11223)
  • Less cluttered crew view on event details. Pending and declined RSVP requests are hidden by default (#11233)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users without edit functionality to see location details (#11232)
  • Fixed a bug in iCal feed where tabs in event description could cause a feed to become invalid in certain calendar applications (#11213)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause member categories to disappear
  • Made some performance improvements on the calendar and crew planning pages

Version 1.0.14


  • You can now define which fields you want to print and customize the layout when printing an event (#11185)
  • Possibility to add a remark when printing your event (#11185)
  • Define how many guests can be added at once to the guest list (+1, +2, ...) (#11207)
  • Possibility to add a remark when printing your guest list (#11207)
  • With the new private guest list, only members who can edit the event are allowed to add guests (#11209)
  • Fixed a small bug, that would show guest types in the wrong order when adding guests to an event (#11197)
  • Some back end improvements (#11200, #11203)
  • Fixed a bug, which linked the user's name to a non-existing profile page (#11208)
  • Fixed a bug, which prevented multiple passports to show up on a user's profile (#11205)

Version 1.0.13


  • Your login now only expires after 1 week (instead of 1 day before)
  • For security reasons, public and promoter links now expire 2 weeks after your event
  • Locations improvement: more intelligent address fields, allowing you to add more address info
  • Locations improvement: empty gps addresses are no longer shown
  • Locations improvement: suggested country in search field now corresponds to closest event
  • Locations improvements in our backend, making it easier to add new locations to the system
  • Improved callsheet fields now automatically transform URLs and e-mail addresses to hyperlinks
  • Improved iCal feed: now adds event time to the title and groups all URLs at the end of the event details
  • Automatically block creating and editing of events when subscription has expired
  • Added a luggage tag field for members
  • Optimised the calendar page to make it faster when a band has a lot of events
  • Optimised the excel export to make it faster when a band has a lot of events
  • Optimised the iCal feed to make it faster when a band has a lot of events
  • Implemented a centralised logging system
  • Fixed a bug with the new "view personal details" permission
  • Fixed an issue where a member status could be shown incorrectly after removing a member from your band
  • Fixed an issue where a member could access the band pages before he was invited
  • Fixed an issue that could preselect permissions a user was not allowed to grant when using the copy permissions function
  • Fixed a small bug, causing the closed checkbox to show incorrect status
  • Fixed a small bug causing special characters in a member's nickname to show incorrectly
  • Several small bug fixes and backend improvements

Version 1.0.12


  • New functionality: better and more extensive permission set for band members (#11064)
  • New functionality: iCal feed is now fully customizable (#11134)
  • Improved export to excel now includes separate location fields, time zone, event url (#11116)
  • Improved export to excel is now faster (#11117)
  • Improved calendar view is now much faster when you have a lot of events in the future (#11117)
  • Better looking band switcher (#11135)
  • Different small theming improvements (#11108)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause issues with time sheets when changing event time zone (#11088)
  • Fixed a bug with e-mail addresses that do not match in registration form (#11084)

Version 1.0.11


  • New functionality: export events and event details to an excel file (#11055)
  • New functionality: quickly copy crew, timesheet, guest list configuration and other event fields (hotel, transport, contact, ...) between events (#11062)
  • New functionality: show a warning to all users about upcoming updates and maintenance (#11086)
  • Improved latest activity on band profile page. Showing each event only once, and grouped by date (#11063)
  • Improved update method, minimising down time during updates and maintenance for subscribed bands
  • Improved list view for timesheet items spanning multiple days (#11071)
  • Fixed a bug showing multiple events on the same day in the wrong order (#11072)
  • Fixed a bug mixing up layout for multiple events on the same day (#11073)
  • Fixed a bug where private notes field could show up in the wrong order for existing bands
  • Fixed a bug which could cause current time not showing up correctly in event timeline view (#11070)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a subscription to expire one day earlier than listed (#11067)
  • More efficient way to perform regularly scheduled server tasks

Version 1.0.10


  • New functionality: introducing maintenance mode to avoid issues while performing system updates
  • New functionality: introducing custom member types
  • New functionality: introducing custom event types, and adding some more default types
  • New functionality: introducing custom event fields, and adding a technical remarks and notes field by default
  • New functionality: introducing personalised guest types
  • Adding retina images for event types and event fields
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when subscription was about to expire
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong e-mail address to be used for system mails for some bands
  • Fixed a bug that could cause event dates to shift on the calendar overview when disabling markings
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the event quick navigation to show dates in the wrong order when mixing certain time zones
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to change the status for an attending user through edit crew planning
  • Fixed a bug that caused a change in e-mail address not to be reflected everywhere
  • Fixed a bug for existing bands, changing people with Record label member category to the new Record Label member category

Version 1.0.9


  • New functionality: It's now possible to change your e-mail address
  • New functionality: People with manage band members permission can now edit other member's profiles
  • New functionality: People with manage band members permissions can change a user's e-mail address as long as membership has not been approved
  • New functionality: Send event mail to other recipients and add an optional remark to the e-mail
  • New functionality: Members can now be excluded from event & crew planning overview
  • New functionality: You can now send RSVP requests to members, to ask them if they are able to attend an event
  • Small improvements on the Members Page (#67)
  • Small improvements to personal profile (driving permits, loyalty programs) (#53)
  • Small layout improvements on crew planning pages for multiple events on the same day (#8)
  • Better copy for band activation e-mail (#76)
  • Better copy for band invitation e-mail (#27)
  • Extra Member Category: Booking Agent (#49)
  • Fixed a bug preventing today's event from showing up in next event list on personal dashboard (#46)
  • Fixed a bug that caused duration of time slots to be shown incorrectly on event details (#39)
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues for people with a "+" in their e-mail address (#48)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tour manager welcome text to be shown to all band members when they had no future events (#40)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect HTML translation of activation mail subject (#25)
  • Fixed a bug that could mix up the order of crew categories on event pages (#47)
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when adding a member to a band twice (#96)

Version 1.0.8


  • Fixed a bug in event description, which incorrectly showed special characters (#22)
  • Improved phone details, mobile phone is now selected by default (#29)
  • Fixed a bug on band dashboard, which incorrectly showed personal markings to everyone (# 37)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented passports, visas and event attachments from being completely deleted (#41)
  • Improved event attachments now support more document types (#42)
  • Improved location search now remembers which country your last event was in (#44)
  • Improved Event Print no longer breaks timings over multiple lines when you have AM/PM format selected (#45)

Version 1.0.7


  • Fixed a bug in timesheet, which incorrectly showed timesheet entries when there was a gap between two entries (#38)
  • Improved timesheet now remembers if you prefer timeline or list view
  • Updated backend for better band installer

Version 1.0.6


  • Fixed a small bug in iCal, which incorrectly showed band marking for events a person is not attending (#19)
  • Fixed a small bug where an event in the past was incorrectly shown as 'Your next event' on the band dashboard (#33)
  • Fixed a small bug that prevented the time picker for an event time to follow your band's date and time settings (#32)
  • Fixed an issue with event timesheet when changing the time zone of an event (#34)
  • Security update: fixed an issue which could cause unauthorised users to update the timesheet of an event (#36)
  • Improved workflow when adding an event, we automatically suggest the date of the last event you have added (#35)
  • Improved view for reminders of personal markings on the band dashboard (#30)
  • Improved timesheet print layout for bands with AM/PM date settings (#31)
  • Improved performance: edit event planning page now loads faster (#11)
  • Added a change log to the footer of the site

Version 1.0.5


  • Added a static location map to advancing mails
  • More compact overview of event crew (#14)

Version 1.0.4


  • Fixed an issue with quick navigation in the sidebar, where multiple events on the same day were not always showing up correctly (#7)
  • Improvement: Crew planning pages now have a hover with crew member's name on all status icons (#12)
  • Improvement: when we can not automatically calculate a map position for your location, no map is shown, instead we show a direct link to input long/lat manually (#1)
  • Small copy improvement when adding a new band member (#9)
  • Better copy when creating a new band. Fixed an issue when pasting a real url as the subdomain (#16)

Version 1.0.3


  • Small changes to the iCal feed showing all events. No attendee status when you are not attending, since the declined status gave some issues in Apple Calendar (#3)

Version 1.0.2


  • Fixed an issue where latitude/longitude calculations where not done automatically for new locations (#6)
  • Fixed an issue with locations for countries without postal codes (#4)

Version 1.0.1


  • Improved Crew planning view: browser now remembers your filter settings and will only show band & crew members you selected (#2)
  • Fixed an issue with calendar view when user has "view all events" permission, but does not have "view attending events" permission. Events now showing correct user status
  • Fixed a notice on band dashboard when no location was set for your next event

Version 1.0


  • Public Release